Why J2EE Projects Fail

Why J2EE Projects Fail by Rod Johnson
Recorded at TheServerSide Java Symposium 2005 - held March 3-5, Las Vegas

1. J2EE has not proven a panacea. Bad technology usage can guarantee failure.
2. General reasons
 (1) Failure to understand or communicate requirement
    Establish continual feedback
    Listen to the business
    Do not use waterful
    Educate the business about the process
 (2) Ideology
 (3) Lack of attention to performance
   Sol: Try to use architectural approaches that allow architectural refactoring
 (4) Bad team dynamics
 (4.1) The God-like architect
 (4.2) Too big a team
 (4.3) Overwork
   Sol: Communication is essential to success
 (5) Lack of appropriate testing strategies
 (6) Poor productivity

3. Technical reasons
 (1) Inability to deliver performance goals
   Sol: Considering performance when designing architecture
 (2) Too much code!
 (3) Assuming the very small translates to the very big
 (4) Reinventing the whell
   Sol: frameworks
 (5) Persistence issues
 (5.1) Not understanding relational databases
 (5.2) Using O/R mapping inappropriately
 (5.3) Not using O/R Mapping where appropriate
 (6) Lack of automation and slow cycles